The Bellwether, October 1 2022

others would only dream of. I suppose you can call me a late bloomer, but as I’ve learned, I was just right on time. MotoVixens is a motorcycle track event organization. We put on track events, with motorcycle riders coming from Canada and all over the US. We are a woman owned business in a male dominated industry, in fact, we are the only woman owned event organizer in the Pacific Northwest. We are different, unconventional and proud of it. Our events have a “culture” and our mission is to encourage all types of riders of every level to come, improve their skills and become confident and competent lifetime riders. The skills learned on the track directly translate to street riding crucial to surviving the urban jungle with greater self assurance. As a fellow rider, I believe it is our responsibility to protect our sport and fight for the privilege to ride. While my competitors are focused on the fiscal return, don’t get me wrong, making money is important, it is secondary to our impact in growing our sport. The reality is, if new riders come and don't have a great experience, are intimidated or feel inadequate, then they won’t be back at all, which is bad for all of us. We all lose. With this in mind, we set out to create a welcoming and safe environment for riders of all ages and skill levels to learn. MotoVixens is known for limiting riders per session,

stressing quality of track time and safety over numbers of riders paying. If you are only able to ride a few sessions at a track day due to numerous crashes and red flags, how much did you really pay for each session and did you get clear track to work on improving your skills? Exactly! We take our mission very seriously because we know how important it is. Giving back to our sport through sponsorship, as well as mentoring women and young riders so they can continue to ensure our sport continues to thrive and grow for many generations to come. I suppose not fitting in all these years allowed me to think outside the box, see things from a different perspective and in the end not really care what someone else thinks. I am me, 100% unapologetically, authentically me and it has

allowed me to stand out. I love what I do, the people, my staff, the clients and am grateful every day that I get to do what I love for a living. I never chose to be an entrepreneur and yet here I am, a woman entrepreneur empowering other women in multiple industries. I didn’t choose this role, yet somehow this role chose me. I have embraced it for all it is, the failures and triumphs, learning and evolving, finding my purpose through my passion. My journey has included a bestselling book, being a TedX speaker, an executive producer of an upcoming film, co-host of Titan Evolution Podcast, managing partner of Iron Dog Media, a signature line of products, a reality show and with many new projects in the works! And you can too.

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