The Bellwether, April 1, 2023

“Have I done what I want to do here?” as I was approaching that age? This chance to break out of the mold I was placed in to discover myself did something I couldn’t have imagined…I found my passion and my purpose. I had found where I needed to be, I finally found myself. I am not normal, nor do I want to be. I am different, uniquely me and I want my life to reflect that, don’t you? This choice to take a risk and embrace the unknown changed my life and became a passion that I have since built a business on as well as other companies. Passion drives me every day. It allows me to work harder and longer to accomplish my goals and continues to feed my creativity to elevate my industry and provide opportunities for the future. It invites new ideas to explore and creates avenues to grow. It isn’t rainbows and unicorns, the road to success comes with many pitfalls. There will come a day when you are

faced with continuing to fight for your dream or fold, persevere and never quit. I’ve seen people give up just short of making the breakthrough. Life tests your resolve, wants to see your dedication to your dream before it’s granted, only then can you fully celebrate and appreciate what it took to get there. Those who endure receive the honor of basking in victory. Make no mistake. It isn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. Understand your “why” and be passionate and kind in all aspects of your life, it will serve you well. Listen to your intuition, open yourself up to the signs and opportunities presented to you, don’t listen to the negative chatter that can present when things don’t go as planned, surround yourself with individuals that challenge you and make you a better person, be forgiving of yourself and others, do things from the heart and be genuinely and authentically…you. This year my company, MotoVixens, celebrates 11 years in business. I could never have imagined my path would lead me to where I am today and it all started with a dream. I am an entrepreneur, author of a

bestseller, "The Elegant Disruptor," TedX speaker, stuntwoman, model, actress, voice over artist, have a reality show, co-host Titan Evolution Podcast with Travis Johnson, a contributing author for a leadership series of books, executive producer for The Strange, have a signature line of products and the Managing Partner of Iron Dog Media. I hope that this can help inspire those who feel it’s too late to start over…it’s never too late, you just need to start. Carol Carpenter is a well recognized entrepreneur, actress, stuntwoman, author, podcaster, moto-enthusiast, speaker and TEDx presenter. View her media kit here:

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