The Bellwether, April 1, 2023

THE POWER OF THE TRIBE ARTICLE BY OTIS MCGREGOR w hy you reel back in pain when y ou grab the handle of a hot iron skil let on the stove, preserving yourse lf. Pain is a reaction that keeps us from getting hurt and reminds us that that action could hurt us again. These actions of preservation and survival are deep in our lizard brain. We are hard-wired for survival. The best way to survive is to work with others who want to survive. Survival is hard-wired into our lizard brain and working together is hard-wired into our

the commonality connection needed for the tribe to exist an d succeed. What makes a tribe suc cessful is what keeps it together. The success of the tribe is the suc cess of the individual, and the su ccess of the individual is the succes s of the tribe. The individual cannot continue to succeed without the tribe. That is the vision that holds the tribe together—the desire for everyone in the tribe to have success. Tribes became part of human survival right from the start. Working together to help each other hunt and gather quickly became the most effective means of survival for the human species. We all have deep inside our minds the instinct to survive. That is what drives us to move away from danger. That is

There is more power in the tribe than there is in any individual. The power of the tribe is the strength of each member working together. Just as a relay team works together to be much faster than an individual over the same distance, the tribe creates greater success for everyone in the tribe. defines tribes: "any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, a community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc." (Tribe Definition & Meaning | wse/tribe) The type of tribe I am talking about is formed through customs, traditions, and similar experiences. This is what begins

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