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Transforming Memories, Transforming Lives: The Power of Memory Reframing By: Lenora Edwards, M.S.

Have you ever experienced a memory from your past that suddenly resurfaces, bringing with it a flood of emotions, both positive and negative? Memories have a unique way of staying with us, influencing our actions and emotions, even years after the events have occurred. These memories, whether pleasant or painful, can significantly impact our lives and choices. The truth is, we store a multitude of memories not just in our brains but in our bodies as well. According to experts like Bessel van der Kolk and Babette Rothschild, our bodies retain memories and emotional impressions, especially those related to difficult or overwhelming experiences, often below the level of conscious awareness. Our body and subconscious mind retain somatic memories of distressing events such as shame, humiliation, and abandonment, which continue to unconsciously influence our behaviors, health, and decisions long after our conscious mind has forgotten or repressed the original incidents. Even when our conscious mind forgets or represses painful events, our body and subconscious still carry subtle imprints that respond and react to triggers in the present. While our conscious mind may move forward, our subconscious mind and our body maintain a grip on the past. But what if there was a way to transform these memories, release their emotional grip on us, and communicate with our bodies by bridging verbal language with the sensory language of the nervous system? This is where Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR) comes into play. HMR is an incredible technique designed to help individuals overcome emotional pain from their past. As an educational and therapeutic process, this "emotional reframing" technique is categorized as a body-centered, client-centered" form of

therapy. It operates on the fundamental premise that memories are malleable and that by shifting our perspective and emotionally reframing these memories, we can communicate with our nervous system in a language it understands, ultimately allowing us to leave behind the pain and move forward. Recent research published in September 2023 showed promising results. In a study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research & Clinical Practice, participants reported reduced anxiety, PTSD, and emotional well- being improvements after using HMR. While more studies are needed, this initial evidence suggests HMR may help resolve memories at the core sensory level, facilitating the rewriting of old narratives. The concept behind HMR is rooted in the idea that our bodies are not just passive vessels for our minds but intricate containers of memories and emotions. These memories, both positive and negative, are encoded in our bodies and can be triggered by various cues in our daily lives. For instance, a childhood memory of failure might deter us from pursuing a dream job or cause us to remain in unhealthy relationships due to painful memories of parental conflict. HMR harnesses the innate sensory language of the body and nervous system to help resolve distressing memories and feelings from the past. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us through a primal vocabulary that experts like Dr. Deepak Chopra refer to as our sensory language. This sensory language expresses itself through metaphors of colors, shapes, textures, and sounds – a mode of communication we instinctively understood from birth, according to experts. As a board-certified Speech- Language Pathologist (SLP) with specialized

training in verbal communication, my education did not encompass this profound unspoken lexicon. HMR taps into the body's primal sensory language, allowing the release of emotional charges trapped in memories without reliving them. This process empowers us to unlock our full potential by aligning empowering thoughts and emotions with the body's innate wisdom. HMR provides a pathway to regain mastery over emotions that once overwhelmed us, moving beyond obstacles that previously held us back. HMR equips us with tools to rewrite limiting inner narratives and establish an empowering connection with our nervous system through its sensory language. So ponder this: What might it feel like to transform memories that once constrained you? If you could let go of self-doubt, how might you boldly pursue your dreams? Consider this: What if you could harness your memories to build confidence instead of shatter it? By aligning your inner voice with your body's wisdom, you reclaim the power to create your future unbound by the past. HMR guides this inner alignment, allowing us to overcome the obstacles within and finally move forward freely into our highest potential.

Lenora a communication coach and board-certified speech- language pathologist, integrates clinical expertise with certifications in Holographic Memory Edwards,

Resolution®, NLP, and hypnosis. Through her practice, she empowers individuals to rewrite limiting narratives, overcome inner obstacles, and communicate confidently. Lenora is dedicated to guiding people towards their empowered, authentic voices. Explore more at Page 19

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