The Bellwether January 1, 2024

The Academy guides athletes through video training, customized support, handouts, worksheets, and tailored one-on-one coaching. One of the key benefits of the Academy is that we match the speaking format with the athletes’ personalities. For example, I am more comfortable speaking to larger audiences than small groups. I prefer a keynote to a slide presentation. So, I gravitate towards larger audiences as they align with my dynamic personality, yet I remain open to engaging with more intimate groups as well.


You are doing this world a disservice if you are not out there sharing your story. You have a wealth of experiences that other people can benefit from. Others can learn so much from you. Be prepared, share your story, and be compensated for your impact.

athletes transitioning out of the game and developed a curriculum tailored to them and their needs.


The Daley Speakers Academy provides a Five Step Road Map specifically for professional or collegiate athletes: Vision & Goals: Setting meaningful goals based on your clear vision and the why behind it. 1. Crafting Their Message: Designing a speaking presentation in alignment with their values and message. We work with them to extract their greatness and prepare them to become experts in that industry/area. 2. Branding: We help them create a brand that represents them or their philosophy. 3. Marketing: We help establish a marketing system for their business. 4. Booking: We teach strategies to help them book engagements of $5,000 or better. 5.

Dr. Kevin Daley is a leadership speaker, award-winning author, and global entertainer serving as the CEO and founder of The Daley Speakers Academy. His innovative coaching company is dedicated to guiding former professional and collegiate athletes in transforming their athletic narratives into engaging, paid speaking engagements. Master your post-game life at and book Kevin to speak at

New Speaker Tip: Use a quality sizzle reel/demo video. A bad video lowers the value of your brand. Don’t rush it; wait until you can produce a quality video.

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