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For over three decades, I've had the privilege of guiding individuals towards financial success. This journey has offered me a unique insight into the diverse challenges and opportunities faced in the pursuit of prosperity. One key lesson is that everyone's path is distinct. However, success often leaves hints, revealing principles that can guide you to make wiser decisions and sidestep common pitfalls, using the experiences of others to avoid life’s harsher lessons. While focusing on financial success, it's crucial to understand that life's success isn't solely defined by finances. I've witnessed how financial achievement can magnify underlying issues. Being a good person and recognizing that wealth doesn't follow you beyond life, you can use your fortune to positively impact the world, leaving a meaningful legacy—a true mark of a life well-lived. Conversely, I've observed how financial success can worsen hidden issues, sometimes devastating families and relationships. Such scenarios often stem from a flawed moral foundation, a subject for another time. The belief that "Money is the root of all evil" is a misconception. If you subscribe to this, you may struggle to achieve financial success. Money is not just for sustenance; it's also a tool for creating a positive impact and legacy.

Before embarking on the path to prosperity, it's helpful to understand where you currently stand. I categorize this journey into three archetypes: Taker, Trader, and Giver, each symbolizing a different mindset and approach to wealth creation.

and money wisely and are committed to personal development.

However, Traders must be cautious. They need unbiased advice and should avoid surrendering decision-making to others, despite being surrounded by competent professionals.

Takers -


“Takers” are those still striving for financial security. Often, their financial well-being is influenced by external factors, leading to a sense of stagnation. The transition from a Taker to a more proactive role involves recognizing personal value and finding ways to be rewarded for it. Financial hardships, a common trigger for divorce, are a significant challenge for Takers. Achieving financial security— defined as having enough resources to support one's lifestyle and generate income—is the first step out of this category. My friend, billionaire Rick Rule, once said, “When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall.” This emphasizes the importance of financial prudence.

Givers represent the final stage, transcending personal success to focus on lasting impact and legacy. This archetype is about a state of being that goes beyond charitable acts. Givers work on long-term initiatives that extend beyond mere wealth accumulation. Understanding these archetypes helps focus efforts at each stage of your financial journey, acting as a compass. The choices you make now will resonate into the future, affecting not only your financial well-being but also the legacy you leave behind. Take control of your financial journey to ensure you reach your intended destination.


Traders, the next archetype, are focused on financial independence, characterized by having diverse income streams that don't rely on active work. Traders understand the importance of investing time

Boris Blum, a renowned serial entrepreneur and esteemed "CEO Consiglieri, with over twenty years as a Business Strategist and Counselor to Purpose-Driven CEOs. Boris is an established guide of Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families. He is also the host of “The Financial Canvas” presented by the Entrepreneurs Forum.

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