The Bellwether January 1, 2024

LIE #4—I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT So many of us dismiss the importance of life experiences or even the success we have had in our businesses or careers. But the truth is, each of us has something to share that can be of value to others. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding what to write about:

What made you think of writing a book in the first place? Explore that. 1. Think about the subjects you enjoy talking about with friends or colleagues. What makes your heart happy? 2. What are you experienced in, or what do you have specific knowledge of that others ask you questions about? 3. What needs does the world have that you could fulfill, or what gaps exist in your industry that you could patch? Could your passion and expertise fulfill that need? 4.

So, there you have it. Four lies you might tell yourself about becoming an author and what you can do to face the truth. The blinders are off now, so the question is: What are you going to tell yourself now?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tanya Brockett, MBA, is an award-winning publishing expert, podcaster, producer, and strategist who skillfully guides authorpreneurs from baffled to bestseller and from obscurity to influence in books and films. Over nearly two decades, Tanya has coached hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, trained thousands in publishing and business, and reviewed/written millions of pages of prose. Tap into Tanya’s expertise, courses, and services at, on LinkedIn or at TANYA BROCKETT

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