The Bellwether, October 1 2022

opportunity in the idea that was created on that napkin 18 years prior. They observed that even as just the two of them, they still struggled getting everything to the beach or their camping site. In 2018, now known as “cart/chair gals”, they put the idea into action under the name of OME Gear and started to completely redesign the product. They have since taken a napkin sketched 2 in 1 dream and transformed it to the patented 5 in 1 Wanderr that consistently turns heads in the market today. The Wanderr is the only cart/hauler that can easily transform into a high camping chair, a beach chair, a recliner, and a camping cot. It is perfect for anytime someone needs to carry something and have comfortable seating options once they arrive. It also has patented wheels that do not require air and roll on soft sand - a game changer for all the beach goers out there. Imagine carrying that heavy cooler, umbrellas, towels, chairs, toys, kayaks/paddle boards/surf boards, and all the other things - with ease. But when building something great there also comes many challenges and roadblocks. They say “if it were easy everyone would do it”, right? Have you ever stood at the bottom of a high mountain and looked up, only to find that it is so high you almost fall back and still can’t see the top? The only way to reach the top is to start climbing. Knowing you may fall, you may break a limb, you will definitely get bumped and scraped up, but you also know that even if you fall, you will learn from your falls and those challenges will make you stronger to continue the climb. With that being said, Jules and Stace have definitely come up against their share of hurdles but believe there is no mountain that cannot be conquered. Some of the biggest mountains they have had to climb in the past 4 years have been raising capital, manufacturing, and finding the right marketing partners. Oh, and throw into the mix all the uncertainties of COVID. In December 2020 they needed money to pay for their first run of product. So Jules asked Stace, “how much do you believe in this product and the mission of OME Gear?” When Stace instantly replied with an emphatic, “100%”, they

knew the next step was to sell their home, or “burn the ships”, and invested the equity from the sale of their home into OME Gear. They then financed an RV, wrapped it in OME Gear branding and hit the road… grassroots style. For 18 months, they have been road warriors spreading the brand of OME Gear to one RV’er, beach goer, camper at a time. The greatest gift when climbing mountains are the beautiful vistas you get to experience when you reach the top. Such is also the case as an entrepreneur. Jules and Stace look at each small win as a step up that mountain and one win closer to the top. And, they certainly have had both small and big wins. They have won innovation awards at the National Hardware Show and Outdoor Retailers. They won a live National TV Show called America’s Big Deal. They landed a deal with QVC. They are in all True Value Distribution Centers. They are on many dot.coms and in smaller retail stores. They have been featured on multiple radio shows/news spotlights/podcasts, and magazine articles. And they also have their own podcast called “Do It in Nature”. OME Gear is much more than a company or a product to Jules and Stace. It is a calling. It is an opportunity to use an innovative road map of products to change the game and create a platform for global influence. So when the hurdles, barriers, roadblocks, and challenges come, they smile and know that it is in the resistance that beautiful things are born.

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