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nationwide but rather a subjective trade secret of the NYT was brought to light in a California supreme court case in the eighties (Bratty v. New York Times Co., 1986). This means that books on the NYT list may or may not lead the market in sales when listed (and may actually make sufficient sales once they appear). Amazon’s “ Best Seller Ranks ” are calculated using historical and recent book sales, so every author is on equal footing—no subjective “who you know” factors are included (as far as I can tell). You can read more at n-best-sellers-rank. SETH GODIN'S PERSPECTIVE ON AUTHORSHIP Seth Godin, a renowned marketing expert, purportedly said, "I'd rather hire a plumber that wrote the book on it than just a regular plumber." This statement highlights an essential aspect of consumer psychology—the perception of expertise. Regardless of your competitors' credentials, you are seen as an authority when you have a book. Your readers and clients are impressed that your expertise is published. Being a bestselling author on Amazon further solidifies your credibility and sets you apart. THE POWER OF AUTHORITY AND PERCEPTION In the current digital landscape, having a book, especially a bestselling one on Amazon, is a game-changer. It positions you as an authority figure and increases your visibility in a crowded market. As an author, your book becomes a powerful tool for conveying your expertise and establishing your

brand. Media outlets and booking agents recognize the value of a bestselling book as it adds weight to your credentials and enhances their reputation by association. Hence, being a bestselling author on Amazon opens up opportunities for speaking engagements, media coverage, and collaboration with industry experts that can lift you out of obscurity. LEVERAGE YOUR AUTHORITY A bestselling book is a leverage tool to help build your influence and impact. The power of being a bestselling author on Amazon is enhanced by the ability to reach millions of potential readers and clients who value your expertise and the convenience of purchasing your book with a few clicks. By embracing the changing market, letting go of the traditional notion of which list is best, and simply leveraging the authority of being a bestselling author, writers can position themselves as thought leaders, establish their brands, and increase their impact. Tanya Brockett, MBA, is a published author, ghostwriter, editor, podcast host, speaker, and book coach who has helped hundreds of authors publish quality nonfiction books. She guides aspiring and seasoned authors from idea to bestseller, primarily in business, self-help, personal development, and mind/body/spirit. Connect with Tanya on LinkedIn and

ENGAGEMENT It used to be that a mention in the NYT was the pinnacle of success for authors. While the NYT boasts an impressive 9.7 million subscribers, Amazon's staggering 200 million Prime subscribers reflect a massive shift in how people consume content. The sheer scale of Amazon's reach cannot be ignored. Amazon has become an integral part of our daily lives, making it a powerful platform for authors to reach a vast and diverse audience. Even if the NYT shows up in your news feed, how often do you look beyond the article to the book list? (Note: You must search or scroll to the bottom to find the “New York Times Best Sellers Book List.” And you can still buy those books through Amazon using NYT’s affiliate link.) THE INFLUENCE OF BESTSELLER STATUS ON AMAZON As an author, it is crucial to understand the changing priorities of your readers, clients, media, and booking agents. While a few of your competitive colleagues might care about your book being featured in the NYT or WSJ, your readers and clients are more interested that you have written a book they can purchase on Amazon. The media is primarily concerned with your book's success and the credibility it brings rather than the specific lists it may appear on. Most people don’t ask which list they will find your book on when they see “Bestseller” by your name. They are more interested in your expertise, book content, or authorship experience. The controversy over the rankings from the NYT not resulting from a pure calculation of book sales

Kathy Kaye, founder of, is a trailblazer in launching Amazon bestsellers. She has a one hundred percent success rate in guiding over six-hundred authors to the top, including many of Tanya’s clients. It is her passion to help speakers, authors, and coaches stand out in the crowd and make real money with their books. Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn.

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