The Bellwether, April 1, 2023


Dreams to Live By bring it into reality. For those who take the leap of faith it is quite powerful, giving them the innate ability to create their vision, persevere and succeed. These individuals change the world, innovate, elicit curiosity and

Dreams. We all have them. Yet they can often be dismissed as folly for the young, bringing to mind those days of immense imagination and creativity when the world was full of possibilities. So, why are we so quick to dismiss them as we mature and lose touch with that part of us that once only saw the wonder of what life has to offer? Life, responsibilities, circumstances, trying to fit in or even fulfill a role that we believe is or should be our path, to name a few? Do you ever wonder why some dreams are so poignant, so powerfully persistent, that you can’t shake them? As if, you have this nagging feeling that there’s something more, something you need to do, something you must explore. Could it be your “calling” that you are overlooking? Dreams can mold us to become who we want and wish to be, give us hope, drive our ambitions, and show us there is so much more to this world we live in and the role we play within it. While dreams can be the catalyst for action, they still must be grounded with a plan to

save for retirement and that is a safe and normal life? This is what society has brainwashed into us and for many, they have drunk the Kool-Aid. But I found myself divorced in my 40s…with skills that were now obsolete, my boys were grown, and I was lost. It was only 20 years prior when my mother passed and I quit med school with no direction, it was déjà vu. All I could see was a pattern that seemed to repeat itself every 20 years and I wanted off this crazy ride. I suppose that is why what I did next seemed outlandishly insane. I went down my bucket list and started riding motorcycles. Yes, I know, that sounds insane, but if you spent your life in the service of others, duty bound to your culture, family, religious beliefs, never having a chance to live or explore who you are, only to finally be given the chance…would you? I had lived the “safe, normal life,” but I was not fulfilled or content, I was still… searching. My mother passed when she was 47, would it be strange then for me to ask the question,

creativity, alter perceptions and mindsets, question conventional concepts and beliefs and create a shift that can lead to the betterment of not only themselves, but others. At the end of April, I was invited to present a TEDx talk in Wilmington, DE. The talk was about lowering our risk aversion to gain the security we seek. I wanted to challenge our mindset of what we consider safe and risky, why we consider risk something we should shy away from and ask who dictates what we think is risky? The focus was to get people thinking and talking. We are conditioned to believe that this conventional mindset we know is safe and the only way to live. Who said we have to go to college, get a job, get married, have child(ren),

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