The Bellwether January 1, 2024

Women possess an incredible capacity for multitasking, often putting their needs last. We're adept at juggling responsibilities, even when we yearn for rest. How many times have you wanted to cry out, "Just give me a break!"? The turning point for me came when I listened to my body and made a decision that few understood. A job in marketing, once my dream career, had become a source of exhaustion and apathy. It wasn't a reflection of my performance, but my body's plea for change. It was a moment of saying no to the job, to the naysayers, and yes to myself. Have you ever ignored your body's whispers, only to have them grow louder until you had no choice but to listen? Today is the day to heed those messages. Your body loves you, and it knows what's best for you. Imagine a life where you knew this, where you honored your body's wisdom. It's time to debunk the myth that pain, PMS, and hormonal imbalances are normal. This is your wake- up call. Imagine a life where you feel vibrant and in harmony with your body's natural rhythm. Embracing the cyclical nature of our menstrual cycle unlocks a world of vitality, creativity, and balance. Through the four phases – follicular, ovulatory,

luteal, and menstrual – we tap into our body's symphony of hormones, enhancing our well- being and productivity. The follicular phase, akin to spring, brings a surge of energy and creativity. The ovulatory phase, our summer, primes us for peak productivity and focus. The luteal phase, akin to fall, calls for self-care and introspection. The menstrual phase, our winter, invites us to slow down and prioritize self- care. By aligning with these phases, we honor our unique strengths and thrive. It's time to let go of the expectation of consistent performance every

day and recognize the power of embracing our cyclical nature.

Envision a world where women harmonize with their natural cycles, supporting and uplifting one another in embracing this innate rhythm. This transformation begins with each individual. Begin today. Place self- care at the forefront, foster meaningful connections with fellow women, and be kind to yourself. Embrace your authentic nature, align with your cycles, and unlock the boundless power within. Embodying womanhood means attuning to the wisdom of your own body—a truly empowering evolution.

Jessica Karwat is a Women’s Health Expert, Vegan Nutritionist, Trainer, and Yoga Teacher. Through her Women’s Academy of Transformation, she has empowered numerous women worldwide to thrive, heal their relationship with food, and reclaim their confidence. Jess is also a TEDx speaker, devoted vegan advocate, and passionate about women’s empowerment.

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