The Bellwether January 1, 2024

and why? You might have a vision and a plan, but the truth is that may not be enough. In a recent online webinar for The Bellwether Magazine (The Art of Taking Action), Boris shared a quote from Mike Tyson, who says, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Boris said that no matter your personal or professional goals or objectives, be prepared to metaphorically be punched in the face a few times and keep getting up. You are not likely to take the right action the first go around. You may stumble or stub your toe a few times without success, but you must be resilient. Otherwise, you will quit before you reach success. “The missing element,” explains Boris, “is the reason for the decision. Why do you need to make the decision?” Being uncomfortable with the status quo and making a decision to change is not sufficient.

New Year, Same Approach? A new year often brings thoughts of starting anew, planning a new year ahead, setting goals, and making resolutions. These activities imply that you are uncomfortable or discontent with where you are and are ready for a change. Many of us say we want to change our income, weight, career, habits, and more, but that change often does not last. Why? Boris believes that to make lasting change and produce results, you have to figure out how to take action in a more elegant way. How often have you said you are committed to losing that extra ten pounds, learning a new skill, or creating another income stream, only to fizzle out on that commitment a few months later? What are you truly committed to Commitment Isn’t Enough

RESULTS ARE THE PROOF OF YOUR COMMITMENT. DR. BEN HARDY “Do you have an inner purpose for waking up in the morning?” Boris asks this question in presentations and the answer is no for most. Many go to work and take action out of necessity, often pursuing uninspired goals. This often leads to making decisions each day that will not likely lead to optimal results. Considering your purpose, what drives you, Explore Your Core

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