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and your reason for pursuing goals greatly impacts your ability to succeed (and actually enjoy it). What are your guiding principles? What matters most to you? “If you are clear about the reason, you will be persistent,” Boris says. Once you have your guiding principles and big audacious goal (that is massive and transformational), Boris suggests establishing an optimum performance protocol that becomes the framework for how you behave each day to stay aligned. These habits and standards can be modeled on others but are unique to you.

Expedient—A lazy decision with the least resistance. No time or effort is made to evaluate the decision, but it has no clear reason not to do it. Simply decide and move on with the day. Effective—Involves clarity, motivation, plans, resources, and prioritization for optimal outcomes that often lead to incremental change. Elegant—A conscientious decision that achieves maximum results with minimum willpower, most likely leading to exponential results. Tapping into your core guiding principles (your purpose to and reason for) provides a filter for eliminating distractions and shiny object syndrome. With clear purpose and reason, there is no friction. That’s the whole point; you can repeatedly take initial and consistent action despite speed bumps.

People make decisions every day. Each action to respond to an email, hop on social media, reach out to a client, make an investment, or accept an invitation is a decision with corresponding results. Each decision can take you closer to or farther away from your compelling vision. Boris describes the decisions you can make and their likely results (see also The Art of Taking Action). Efficient—Addresses immediate needs but rarely achieves long- term objectives. Decisions and Their Results IF YOU ARE CLEAR ABOUT THE REASON, YOU WILL BE PERSISTENT BORIS BLUM

Leading by Example

Boris believes we are living in a time when the world has more problems to solve than it has ever had, and society is more divided than it has ever been. Boris sees entrepreneurship as not only a method of building personal wealth but also the number one tool to empower our society to resolve these issues. Boris wants entrepreneurs to be the best possible leaders they can be in whatever endeavors they are involved in. They must be highly productive individuals to build high-functioning teams; otherwise, success will elude them. Boris is driven by helping others take the right action at the right time with the right measures for the right reason. On his website at, he provides free access to a Productivity Challenge that guides participants through developing a compelling vision so they can take elegant action.

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