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Saying “Hell No” is as important as what you say yes to. When you have a clear vision, guiding principles, and a strong purpose and reason, it is easier to say no to requests that do not align with your goals. You will have to be dedicated to specific actions to stay focused. “One big action is to give up what doesn’t fit,” says Boris. This is harder to do if you don’t have a clear picture. FIND SOMETHING YOU WOULD DIE FOR, AND LIVE FOR IT. PETER DIAMANDIS Deciding to Achieve Your Goals “There are always multiple ways to accomplish your goals, but there is only one elegant way to do it,” says Boris. If you cannot articulate the reason to do something, you haven’t given it the due diligence and time to think it through. What is your reason to do or not do? You don’t know without reflection. “There are no shortcuts in life,” Boris says. “It is better not to do what is expedient. Think it through. Give it the time and effort necessary to make an elegant decision.” One simple example that he shared in our conversation was a visit to the car dealer. The salesman shows you a car you like and says a special sale ends tonight. Saying yes is an expedient decision. You know you want a car. An elegant decision is to say, “I think you gave me a good price, and I like the car, but I need to think it

through to see if it will meet my needs, and if the deal is not available for me tomorrow, then it isn’t.” It is a conscious decision. Once you decide, the path is set, and you create momentum. All the resources are going in that direction. If it’s the wrong direction, you just wasted it. Either don’t make the decision or think it through more deeply. Explain the reason to. You know you have made an elegant decision when you have weighed the pros and cons. There are a few steps to take to grow from the status quo to making consistent, elegant decisions that create optimal performance. Determine your guiding operational principles. You Becoming a High Performer


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Develop optimum performance protocol. This is the framework of how you will behave each day. They are the habits, rituals, and standards you implement that align with your compelling vision. These protocols will help you to manage your limited energy and focus on what matters most. motivates more than just you. It gives you that reason to get out of bed in the morning. It is your reason to and purpose for the actions you take. your must have a massive and transformative purpose and compelling vision that

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