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Keep that compelling vision before you to keep gas in your tank as you move forward. When you stumble, you have a reason to get back up. Also, use it as a filter to decide what actions you want to take. Keep those decisions elegant. Say “Hell No” to offers, requests, tasks, and distractions that do not align with your compelling vision and don’t streamline your efforts to achieve optimal productivity.

performers have a specific list of things they have to accomplish that they have a specific purpose for rather than just things to check off a list.” Most to-do list items don’t make an impact anyway. It is not about having a purpose statement but a reason to act. “So, if you can connect your daily activities to a bigger cause that you are involved in, you are likely to take action consistently. Look at those things that are distracting you and ignore them. Focus on what you know you must accomplish and say no to everything else.”

The quote from Boris above really resonates as we wind up the current year. It is so easy to allow inconsequential items to fill our action lists. How are those tasks leading to optimal results? How will they move the needle toward achieving a big, audacious, transformational purpose? Before deciding to add more items to the list or even setting goals for the upcoming year, choose to make an elegant decision. Filter each choice through the lens of a compelling reason to or purpose for. Doing so may lead to optimal productivity and a significant impact. Boris will share his financial expertise in monthly events through the Entrepreneur’s Forum starting in January 2024. Join the conversations to optimize your performance Tanya Brockett is an award-winning publishing expert, podcaster, producer, and strategist who skillfully guides authorpreneurs from baffled to bestseller and from obscurity to influence. Over nearly two decades, Tanya has coached hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, trained thousands in publishing and business, and reviewed/written millions of pages of prose. Tap into Tanya’s expertise, courses, and services on LinkedIn or at

Boris has years of experience working with high performers in multiple industries. He says, “High Create your day around what will matter the most.

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