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challenges head-on, hold the unwavering belief that the mission is possible, and remain grounded in humility and openness to feedback.

In the introductory article of this series (haven’t read it? It’s here; I’ll wait), I touched on the importance of visionary and strategic thinking and made the case that you need to create dedicated time for that specific headspace in order to chart the path of the organization, see the opportunities, and empower the team with a plan to seize them. Alongside that was the concept that to design and execute the optimal strategy, you need to invest in your development as a leader. Strong leadership is as much about learning to manage yourself, as it is about managing others, and doing so gives you the intel to build YOUR custom pit crew of complementary skill sets. Ready to level up? Buckle up, because we're diving deep into what it takes to rock your role and lead your team to greatness. In this article, we're going to unpack the first three game- changing concepts to start you on that growth trajectory.

It’s a tall order.

If we’re not careful, our insecurities can hinder the business in sneaky ways, like not hiring the best and brightest, not asking for help, or not accepting ideas, as well as in other less obvious but equally nefarious ways. It is vital to learn to ask for help when needed, resist the urge to dominate discussions, and foster an environment where ideas flow freely without fear of judgment. So, replace the notion that leadership is about “having all the answers” with the reality that it's about having the confidence and skill to navigate uncertainty by rallying your team, leveraging their brilliance, and structuring how you solve the problem together.

It's time to get more focused and strategic.

This is where your Zone of Genius comes in. It's crucial to identify the type of work that you’re amazing at, that the business needs, that

Refine Your Role, Regularly Replace Yourself

Ever heard the phrase “What got you here won’t get you there”?

Well, it’s true.

Drop the Ego, Maintain the Audacity

You’ve probably experienced the ‘doing it all’ phase of business building. Maybe you’re there right now. The good news/bad news is that you can’t grow indefinitely doing that. And while this might be hard to hear, you probably aren’t actually the best at everything. Can you honestly say that you even like it all?

The most successful leadership is founded on self-awareness coupled with audacious resolve. It requires shedding the ego that can blind us and embracing vulnerability as a gateway to growth. As a leader, you must possess the audacity to confront

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