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As the days grow longer and the world awakens to the full splendor of May, let us seize the moment for rejuvenation and responsible growth. The year 2024 beckons us to set benchmarks for business practices that are equitable, transparent, and sustainable. Embark on this enlightening journey with us, and let's celebrate a year of triumphs and prosperity based more on what is ethical and moral rather than merely what is legal!

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Unlocking the Potential of Real Estate Investment: “The Fix-and-Flip Strategy”

"Fix-and-flip" is generally held as the standard to those viewing high returns in a relatively short period. While this approach is often rewarded, I would highly caution you, mostly due to very strong misconceptions. This article seeks to dig deep into the basics of the fix-and-flip investment, burst some common myths, and clearly grasp the dynamics of decision-making in this highly competitive profession.

and expenses incurred. You are not going to flip a house in an hour-long episode of real life. What is real is much more complicated, with costs generally overrunning first-assumed budgets and stretching projects out well past scheduled dates. It is very relevant for the investors to realize that those episodes are essentially entertaining stories and that the duration of time taken and the seamless renovations conducted are not industry standards. In addition, the programs do not provide an in- depth explanation of the planning, including the unexpected hurdles and the effort required to flip a house successfully. The thought that returns are more or less guaranteed can be misleading since newbie investors are misguided about the risks involved. That was before you move into a fix-and-flip mission; better not to believe what you see on TV. The truth is much more twisted—it is engaged in a plan of market research all by itself, with full readiness for unforeseen contingencies. The attraction of quick money is powerful, but successful flipping comes with informed and

The Allure of Fix and Flip: A Reality Check

This kind of strategy has been glamorized and put to the forefront through various television shows. They make the processes look so attractive and very sexy, showing the changes from rundown buildings to beautiful homes in the work that seems very fast and easy. However, this portrayal is often out of touch with the real-world challenges and complexities of fix-and- flip projects. Remember, television is for entertainment. As much as these shows may be able to give a glimpse of how real estate can breed creativity and be a source of profit, they may tilt the real story, especially on issues related to the timelines

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calculated decisions. Oftentimes, these are learned through many painful and expensive mistakes.

profit margin. Personally, I suggest using 60-65% if you are not a seasoned “Flipper.”

Decoding the Finances

Purchase Price: This should be carefully negotiated to leave ample room for repair costs and potential profit. Repair costs: It should detail the repair costs, including materials, labor, and a full and realistic estimate of a margin for contingencies. After Repair Value (ARV): This is to be that value that the property might sell for after the necessary refurbishing is completed. This is best determined with accuracy through a comparative market analysis (CMA) by using very relevant “comps.”

One of the most common misconceptions is that, typically, in order for one to be able to make a nice profit, only superficial improvements would need to be done during a fix-and-flip project. Most financially successful flips call for major rehabs, dealing with cosmetic and structural issues; only then does the value rise appreciably. The other myth is overestimating the returns without considering the myriad costs from purchase, renovation, to sale. Thus, accurate computation of purchase price, repair, and the After Repair Value (ARV) is key to the success of this form of fix-and-flip investment. Such investors generally work with the 70% rule. According to this rule, they should not buy the house and fix it at a cost that sums 70% or more of the ARV. This metric cushions one against market variations and makes sure there is a good

The Challenges of Assembling a Great Team

A fix-and-flip project largely depends on the reliability and efficiency of the team involved, such as the contractor, realtor, title company, and wholesalers, to name just a few. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list.

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costs, depending on your skill level in the inspection and purchase price negotiation stage.

Strategic Alignment with Code Enforcement

Working with the code enforcement department in advance may save you from some of the legal or financial barriers that may be involved while renovating the property. You need to be knowledgeable of the local codes, and there is never an excuse not to acquire the permits before development. Having previously demonstrated an understanding of this or having learned this from enforcement officers means there should be no time when the property would be delayed. You know what they expect and “prefer,” and you deliver.

In this light, it would be of the essence to locate reliable contractors for quality work and within the defined timelines. Realtors having knowledge of this market hold a good position to assist both in selling or acquiring the property. Title companies can also help to accomplish smooth transactions, and wholesalers may be used to find the off-market deals. Building strong relationships with these professionals, and more, can significantly impact the success of your projects.

The Significance of Location

The saying "location, location, location" could not ring truer in fix-and-flip investments. Ideally, you would want to invest in the worst house in the best area, as it leaves a lot of room for value increase. The neighborhood greatly influences ARV and its attractiveness to potential buyers. Pay attention to the surroundings.

Navigating Holding Costs and Utilities

It is essential to control the holding costs, such as mortgage, interest, insurance, taxes, and utilities, which can quickly erode profit margins. All of these compound if the property remains incomplete or unsold, which puts added emphasis on how the project has to be executed and how property must be priced. Many other variables could contribute to holding costs eating up profit. Major influences on the timelines and budgets of the projects are unexpected problems, such as structural or code-related issues. The financial cushions to solve such problems may include a 10-20% contingency budget of the total repair

It is possible to start with one house that you do fewer renovations to and build the value of the neighborhood by renovating many of them to a higher and higher standard. Keep in mind who your ideal buyers are. YOU are not moving into the new home. The level of activity of other investors and the competition in the area may determine not only whether to enter or exit a specific market but also give a hint about pricing and your marketing efforts. Realizing Success in Fix-and-Flip Investments Fixed-and-flip investments provide a great opportunity for making money in real estate, but at the same time, require in-depth knowledge of

market dynamics, careful planning, and great team assembly. This, together with busting common myths, objectively gauging the financial metrics, and dealing with the convolution of renovation and sale, an investor can unlock massive value in real estate. In fact, through strategic foresight, due diligence, and the right partnerships, there is immense success that can be tapped into in the fix-and- flip market. That is reflected not only in the financial rewards but also through growth in their professional lives. It is not a hobby. If you want to try this on for size you have to be deeply committed.

Michael Garrison is an investor, real estate entrepreneur, and construction industry consultant whose mission has been to promote purpose, security, and success. He was once a radio celebrity and is also the executive editor at The Bellwether Magazine. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn.

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Have you ever found yourself at the bottom of a bag of chips, wondering, "Why did I just eat all of that?" If so, you're not alone. This scenario is more common than you might think, and it's often a sign of emotional eating—something many of us may not be ready to admit to ourselves.

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The Unseen Power of Internal Work By Jana Bartlett Alonso and Jessica Karwat

Many view the entrepreneurship journey as a field of relentless innovation, strategy, and hard work. Yet, beyond this facade lies a less visible but equally potent world of internal development. By exploring universal experiences, we can see the crucial roles of spirituality, belief systems, and inner energy in shaping successful business ventures. The transformation from personal development to entrepreneurship underscores a profound lesson: the bedrock of a thriving business is not solely found in external strategies but also the inner work of harmonizing beliefs and energies. This approach suggests that true entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured from within, highlighting the deep connection between our internal narratives and professional endeavors.

success, whereas negative internal dialogues may inadvertently create barriers.

An excellent strategy for entrepreneurs is pausing. In a time that rewards perpetual activity, taking moments to reflect and align our inner self with our business vision is groundbreaking. Such practices improve decision-making and ensure we take business actions with intention and purpose. We strongly advocate embracing regular self-reflection, meditation, or any method that strengthens inner connectivity.

Overcoming Business Hurdles

Facing business challenges is part of the entrepreneurial environment. However, the key to working through these obstacles lies within our internal reactions. By building spiritual and emotional resilience and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks, we can develop a mindset that not only withstands but thrives on difficulties, turning them into incentives for achievement.

Manifestation in Entrepreneurship

The concept of manifestation, often surrounded by myths, is the strategic harmony between our innermost beliefs and our external goals. This harmonious alignment is essential, as it directly shapes our business's path. Cultivating positive energy and setting goals driven by strong beliefs can lead to

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Daily Practices for Entrepreneurs

Rethinking Entrepreneurship

Initiate each day with a meditation focused on your business aims and the positive impact you wish to achieve. Keep a journal to capture reflections, especially on how your internal state influences business choices. Conduct monthly goal-setting exercises to ensure your business objectives resonate with your ethics and beliefs.

The insights derived from a universal exploration challenge the traditional entrepreneurial narrative, shining light on the essential role of internal development in attaining business success. This integrated approach promotes a healthier entrepreneurial journey and unveils potential and opportunities in innovative ways. By combining internal alignment with external efforts, entrepreneurs can negotiate a business' intricate and fascinating terrain with resilience, creativity, and profound purpose. In summarizing the intertwined journey of internal discovery and entrepreneurial achievement, it's evident that the path to business success is as much about inward exploration as it is about outward conquest. Embracing this dual approach can lead to more sustainable success and a more enriched and rewarding entrepreneurial life.

Broadening Your Entrepreneurial Approach

Seek energy work and spirituality resources that align with your beliefs, integrating these into your business strategy. Participate in workshops or seminars that support emotional intelligence and resilience within a business context. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who value internal development, advancing a supportive network that cherishes comprehensive success.

Jessica Karwat is a Women’s Health Expert, Vegan Nutritionist, Trainer, and Yoga Teacher. Through her Women’s Academy of Transformation, she has empowered numerous women worldwide to thrive, heal their relationship with food, and reclaim their confidence. Jess is also a TEDx speaker, devoted vegan advocate, and passionate about women’s empowerment.

Jana Bartlett Alonso, founder of The School of Integrative Healing and TV host on Good Morning Spain, excels in creating innovative wellness programs. Her work, which now integrates into university curricula and international real estate projects, focuses on enhancing well-being and success. Jana champions a balanced, impactful life driven by her humanitarian vision. Discover more about Jana's journey on Instagram. Watch Interview Here

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Author, editor, and story coach Deborah Froese is on a mission to spark change through the stories we share.

Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash

What Stands in YOUR Way? someone else, or take part in an activity with worrisome results, trust is harder to come by the next time around. Because failing at earlier goals such as meeting a self- imposed deadline, initiating a difficult discussion, or mending an important relationship evoked shame, I didn’t trust that I had the capacity to set objectives and achieve them. So, I stopped setting firm targets, sought places to lay blame, and stayed where I was, evoking guilt.

Okay. I admit it. For far too long, I responded to difficult situations by playing the blame game. Who or what was responsible? Although I viewed that approach as a reasonable way to problem-solve, it didn’t serve me well. Instead of providing solutions, it identified people and situations to blame and, therefore, avoid. By playing the blame game, I gave my power away—after all, if they caused it, only they could fix it. It kept me stuck. Sometimes, if I don’t pay attention, it still keeps me stuck. Maybe it’s standing in your way too. Before going further, let’s acknowledge the distinction between being responsible and accepting responsibility. Being responsible is proactive. It means taking charge of your life and striving to fulfill your commitments to the best of your ability. Accepting responsibility, on the other hand, is responsive. It means choosing to make the best of whatever happens in your life, whether those events are initiated by you or someone else. When I played the blame game, I thought of myself as being a responsible person. However, on a subconscious level, when situations went awry, I associated accepting responsibility with guilt or shame rather than an opportunity for growth. By asking who or what is at fault rather than what I can do to improve the situation and what is holding me back, I ignored my power to change the situation. Doing so augmented my view of mistakes or failures as the ultimate loss, risked great relationships, and let great opportunities fly by. The blame game is a barrier to success. So why do we play? Avoidance of pain—shame or guilt—are obvious. But there’s more. The Law of Hindrance states the barrier to success has two root causes: a lack of trust or a lack of discipline. Both impacted me.

Lack of discipline. Without discipline, nothing gets done. Boring but essential grunt work is flung to the sidelines as something to tackle later. New, challenging tasks that force us to face the unknown are interminably delayed. In my case, I found it tough to sustain discipline when I didn’t trust myself to achieve my objectives. Why bother investing time and energy in something that might fail? Giving up the blame game means taking a good, hard look at yourself to figure out what is holding you back. Dig deep enough, and you’ll likely find a lack of trust in yourself or others or a lack of discipline. Lest I sound as though I have the blame game fully under control, let me be fully transparent: at times, the temptation to play is real. However, understanding the root causes behind the compulsion and experiencing great results by accepting responsibility makes it easier to avoid. If you’re reading The Bellwether Magazine, chances are you’ve already achieved success or are well on your way. Perhaps you no longer play the blame game. But if you ever catch yourself facing a roadblock, take some time for introspection and make sure you accept responsibility for it. Whether it’s a stalemate with your partner or teenage offspring, a difficult employee, or an untenable financial situation, ask yourself, What can I do to improve the situation? Then, explore what might stand in your way of getting it done. Dig deep enough, and you’ll likely find a lack of trust or discipline at play.

Lack of trust. Trust broken begets mistrust. If you break a promise to yourself, experience a broken promise from

| The Bellwether |

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Transform Your Business into a Multigenerational Powerhouse

By Andrea Bell

We live in a strange place where entrepreneurship and business ownership are often glamorized. The true essence of why individuals embark on these journeys varies significantly. For many, especially female entrepreneurs, the driving force behind their ventures extends beyond pursuing financial gain; it's deeply rooted in personal values, aspirations, and the desire to leave a lasting impact on their families and communities. This article explores women's multifaceted motivations and strategies in business, shedding light on their dedication to balancing professional success with personal fulfillment. Family is a powerful motivator in many female entrepreneurs' endeavors. The desire to provide for their loved ones and the ambition to set a positive example for their children fuels their entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up in environments that nurtured the belief in limitless potential, these women have embraced the philosophy that achieving one's dreams is within reach with determination and focus. This foundational belief propels them forward and instills a sense of hope and possibility in the next generation. They navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship, hoping their actions today will inspire their children to pursue their paths with courage and conviction. Community and Relationships. Beyond individual motivations, the significance of community and relationships emerges as a central theme in the entrepreneurial journey. Female business owners often emphasize the importance of building networks of like- minded people who commit to prioritizing family and relationships over mere financial gains. These connections encourage a supportive environment that celebrates resilience, values integrity, and supports a holistic approach to success that encompasses personal and professional fulfillment.

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Financial literacy and strategic tax planning are aspects of business ownership often overlooked. Contrary to the tedious image tax discussions might conjure, a deep understanding of financial metrics and tax implications is essential for sustainable growth and success. Entrepreneurs who embrace their "numbers nerd" side find joy in optimizing their businesses for tax efficiency, ensuring more resources are available for reinvestment into their ventures and families. Knowing one's financial standing and strategic planning can lead to significant savings and a more solid financial foundation for the business. the entrepreneurial path for many is not just about immediate success but about laying the groundwork for generational wealth. Scaling the business provides for the current family and establishes a legacy that benefits future generations. Generational Independence. Ultimately, Entrepreneurs are encouraged to view their businesses as vehicles for long-term wealth creation, focusing on strategies that will allow them to either

sell for a profit or generate passive income. This vision of creating lasting impact drives many female entrepreneurs to seek improvement, innovation, and expansion opportunities continually. The narrative of female entrepreneurship is rich with themes of family, community, financial acumen, and the pursuit of generational wealth. It demonstrates the resilience, creativity, and strategic thinking that define women in business. By sharing their stories, challenges, and successes, these entrepreneurs inspire not only their immediate circles but also the wider community, encouraging others to embark on their journeys with purpose, passion, and a clear vision for the future. As the perspective of entrepreneurship evolves, the stories of determined women will inspire future generations. They demonstrate that success is not measured solely by financial milestones but also by the ability to make a meaningful difference in others' lives, advancing a legacy of empowerment, resilience, and enduring values.

Andrea Bell, Founder/CEO of PROFITability and Thrive, specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs and maximizing business potential. Residing in Northern Utah with her family and spaniel, she enjoys camping, skiing, and reading. Catch her at TedX Wilmington in April 2024. Schedule a consultation:

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

-- Potter Stewart

| The Bellwether |

How does emotional intelligence and mindset impact the entrepreneurial mindset? Emotional intelligence and a growth mindset have been the cornerstones of my entrepreneurial journey. I was full of doubt and didn't know where to start, but building on my self- awareness, achievement orientation, and relationship management were the competencies that got me and kept me motivated. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Emotional intelligence and mindset are foundational elements of the entrepreneurial mindset. By cultivating these qualities,

entrepreneurs can better navigate the challenges of building a business and ultimately achieve success. By developing emotional intelligence, entrepreneurs can: Stay calm under pressure Make rational decisions in the face of uncertainty Build strong relationships with employees, customers, and partners Manage stress and avoid burnout Adapt to setbacks and bounce back quickly

Emotional intelligence, a vital pillar of the entrepreneurial mindset, is not just about managing emotions. It's about personal growth and empowerment. It equips entrepreneurs to navigate the highs and lows of business, maintain composure in stressful situations, make sound decisions, and foster strong relationships with customers, employees, and partners. Here are five barriers I dealt with and continue to deal with during my entrepreneurial journey: 1. Uncertainty: As an entrepreneur, you constantly navigate uncharted waters. The lack of predictability, from market fluctuations to unforeseen obstacles, can be overwhelming. 2. Risk: Entrepreneurship requires taking risks, both financial and personal. The fear of failure can be paralyzing, making it difficult to move forward confidently. 3. Long hours: Building a successful business takes time and dedication. Entrepreneurs often work long hours, sacrificing personal time and health to pursue their goals. 4. Isolation: The entrepreneurial journey can be lonely. Making tough decisions and shouldering the responsibility of an entire business can lead to feelings of isolation and burnout. 5. Emotional rollercoaster: The highs of success and the lows of setbacks can drain one's mental well-being. Managing emotions and staying resilient in adversity is crucial for long- term success. A mindset focused on growth, embracing the potential for personal advancement and achievement through commitment and effort, offers optimism for entrepreneurs. It fosters resilience, creativity, and a daring spirit, vital for a business's growth. This makes it possible to break through the barriers that might otherwise thwart us entrepreneurs.

Kurt Miller is on a mission to inspire business leaders and individuals to pursue the life they want confidently. He is a transformational, research- driven leader focused on developing emotionally intelligent people committed to individual, community, and organizational success. Connect with Kurt on LinkedIn

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How Dr. Dawn Ella and Her Soul Link App Are Improving Our World

By Debra Wallace

further expanding the product's reach. This is currently under development.

Being a visionary who inspires us to dig deep and discover our best selves is something that entrepreneur and holistic healer Dr. Dawn Ella has mastered with great aplomb. With her stellar work ethic, after nearly twenty years of perseverance, dedication, and commitment to making our world a better place, she has launched her new dream project—the cutting-edge Soul Link meditation app that is transforming lives. The app was launched in November 2023, and users already report extremely positive results. A future version of the app for the Virtual Reality Apple Vision Pro is slated for the summer of 2024,

Dr. Ella, Founder of Supernal World Creations, Soul Link, and The Soul Medic, is an accomplished Complementary, Integrative, and Alternative Medicine expert. Her titles include Soul Physician, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, and Ordained Minister. “My personal experiences with the Soul Link App have been profound and enriching,” Dr. Ella explains. “It has become not just a tool for meditation but also a companion in my journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Each session is a reminder of the app's ability to bridge the spiritual and the tangible, providing a sanctuary for the soul amid life's complexities.”

Soul Link Beta Tester Carla Delgado calls the app highly emotional and extremely fulfilling. “It brought tears to my eyes. It’s such a beautiful experience and is very intense in the best way possible,” explains Delgado, the owner of Carla DG Personal Assistant Services in Naples. “I love the versatility of it. I find myself drifting and then coming back to see it and then drifting away again and coming back to see it again; It’s so soothing.”

A native of Naples, Florida, who

dedication to continuous growth and excellence. The core of my motivation lies in the value I bring to others. Their well-being becomes my driving force, compelling me to invest my efforts and expertise where I know it matters most. This intrinsic connection between my values and my work amplifies my sense of purpose and propels me toward even greater heights of impact and innovation.

has built a strong local and national community of thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, Dr. Ella is an appreciated mentor and guide for those struggling with many professional and personal issues. In the following Q & A, Dr. Ella shares her remarkable story that began with a near-death experience and how her life lessons and pioneering ways are changing our world. Bellwether is all about visionaries helping to change the world. What inspires you to be your best self? As a visionary in holistic wellness and transformative technologies, I find immense inspiration in the profound impact my work has on people's lives. The chance to create meaningful change, empower others, and contribute to a brighter, more connected world drives me every day. My passion for nurturing mental and emotional well-being, along with the ability to pioneer innovations like the Soul Link app, fuels my commitment to being my best self. Witnessing the transformative journeys of the individuals I support and realizing the potential to make a positive difference constantly inspire my

How did your near-death experience lead you to create Soul Link?

My journey to creating Soul Link began on the other side in the wake of a life-altering experience. Seventeen years ago, I found myself in a tragic accident in which I slipped into a coma for three days. During those unconscious moments, I traversed a realm beyond the physical, where profound realizations dawned upon me. From this near-death encounter, I extracted intricate insights, weaving them into the fabric of Soul Link's patent-pending Sound Formula. This unique meditation app is a testament to the depths of my revelations. Through careful curation, I've harmonized musical compositions, cinematic Earth visuals, and Focus-Enhancing Frequency Waves into a singular meditative experience.

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Crucially, my near-death episode gifted me with a remarkable perspective: my eyes were open in that ethereal realm. This visual awareness has profoundly influenced Soul Link's design. With eyes wide open, users embark on a transformative journey, gaining clear insights into their unique paths of healing and self-discovery. By encouraging individuals to open their eyes to their Inner Inside Journey, Soul Link awakens the discovery of their individual missions. It is a profound invitation to explore, learn, and grow, inspired by the clarity I gained during my own extraordinary experience.

journey beyond this world during a near- death experience.

It's within this act of selflessness, this commitment to the well-being and happiness of others, that we truly find the essence of our own existence. In giving, we receive not just gratitude or acknowledgment but a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose yet with a connection to the vast tapestry of humanity, where we feel a connection to and through our Soul.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

Why is being of service so important to you?

Being of service holds an unparalleled significance for me, a truth etched into my very being after my

Being an entrepreneur is an exhilarating journey, and what I cherish most is the boundless freedom to innovate and create. It's the thrill of transforming ideas into reality, the canvas of endless possibilities, and the ability to shape my own destiny. Entrepreneurship allows me to constantly learn and grow, embracing challenges as opportunities and celebrating every milestone as a testament to resilience and creativity. Moreover, the profound impact I can make on people's lives through innovative solutions and meaningful ventures brings a deep sense of fulfillment. The ability to inspire change, create jobs, and contribute positively to the community amplifies the joy of being an entrepreneur. In essence, the entrepreneurial spirit embodies the essence of limitless potential and the power to craft a better, more vibrant future.

When understanding the importance of the soul, what are we overlooking or missing?

The soul is our life force—the very essence of our existence, the vibrant pulse that animates our being. It is the ethereal thread weaving through the fabric of our lives, guiding us, shaping our experiences, and infusing every moment with meaning. In recognizing the soul as our life force, we tap into the wellspring of our truest selves, embracing the boundless potential within us.

| The Bellwether |

Through this acknowledgment, we unlock the doors to profound self-awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the universe. Our soul is not merely a passive observer; it is the driving force behind our actions, the source of our passions, and the reservoir of our deepest emotions. Embracing the soul as our life force allows us to live authentically, love unconditionally, and navigate the intricate tapestry of existence with grace and purpose.

offering solace and support to those grappling with mental health challenges, ultimately helping them find their way back from the depths of despair.

Talk about the three pillars involved in Soul Link.

Healing Musical Compositions: Soul Link's carefully curated musical compositions are designed to induce positive changes in the brain and human consciousness. By listening to these healing sounds, users experience emotional regulation, finding solace in the harmonious melodies that resonate deeply within, countering feelings of isolation and despair. 1. Cinematic Earth Videography: The immersive Earth visuals transport users to serene natural environments, fostering a sense of connection with the Earth. This visual experience helps combat feelings of isolation by creating a profound sense of unity with the self, fostering a feeling of belonging. 2. Focus-Enhancing Frequency Waves: Soul Link's focus-enhancing frequency waves act as a bridge to harmonize brainwave patterns. By synchronizing mental frequencies, users can unlock their untapped potential and elevate their state of being. This heightened mental state promotes clarity, reducing feelings of confusion and loneliness. 3. . What are your goals for Soul Link? In the coming year and beyond, I envision my business, especially the Soul Link app, reaching new heights of innovation and impact. We are actively exploring clinical trials to scientifically validate the transformative effects of our platform, aiming to provide evidence-backed support for mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, we are delving into virtual reality (VR) experiences, which are set to revolutionize mindfulness practices. This immersive technology will offer users an unparalleled, eyes-open meditation journey, fostering deeper connections with themselves and nature. Our mission is to continue pioneering advancements in holistic

What is the Soul Link App and how does it work?

The Soul Link App is a groundbreaking paradigm shift in holistic well-being designed to address the pressing challenges of the modern mental health crisis. It goes beyond conventional meditation, offering an innovative approach backed by meticulous research and a dedication to fostering positive change in individuals. At its core, Soul Link redefines meditation by propelling users into a transformative realm of self- discovery, transcendence, and inner growth. What sets it apart is its evidence-based design, grounded in extensive research on the mind-body connection and the impact of music on the brain. It creates a curated fusion of science and spirituality. We are in a mental health crisis that leaves vast numbers of people feeling lost, alone, isolated, and even depressed. How can Soul Link help ease some of these lost feelings? Soul Link offers hope amidst the prevailing mental health crisis by providing a unique and transformative approach to alleviating feelings of being lost, alone, isolated, and depressed. Soul Link encourages regular practice, empowering individuals to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. Through consistent use, users can cultivate a sense of inner peace, resilience, and emotional balance. By fostering self-awareness and encouraging a positive mindset, Soul Link becomes a guiding light,

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wellness, making meaningful strides in mental health and personal transformation.

Please share your website link, and social media links so we can discover more about you and Soul Link Website: Social Media Links: How to get the Soul Link App: The App Store: Google Play: Web Version:

Debra Wallace is a multi-award-winning journalist, editor, content provider, and publicist with 25+ years of experience. Her work is featured on, Next, and numerous other print and digital magazines. Her mission is to further acceptance and inclusion for children and adults with autism. She may be reached at

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MARIO LANZAROTTI Harmony in Action

In a world where the hustle is glorified and rest is considered rust, Mario Lanzarotti stands out as a refreshing anomaly. With a heritage that's as rich and diverse as his career trajectory, Mario has charted a path in the entrepreneurial environment that's both inspiring and instructive. His journey from the quaint streets of Hanover, Germany, to the bustling avenues of New York and onto the global stage with a TEDx talk encapsulates a message of balance, joy, and success—a philosophy he fondly terms "Zenpreneurship."

A Tale of Two Cultures

This duality of culture didn't just shape his personal identity; it laid the foundational stones for what would later crystallize into his Zenpreneur movement. The experiences of not fitting in perfectly—whether due to cultural, social, or professional reasons—are universal. We've all felt like outsiders at some point, struggling to find our place in the world, be it at work, within social circles, or even in intimate relationships. Mario's journey through these intersecting worlds of cultural dichotomy mirrors the broader human experience of searching for belonging and identity. His childhood, set against the vibrant backdrop of his parents' Italian restaurant, served as a microcosm of this larger quest. The establishment was a place where chaos and harmony coexisted, where the meticulous

Mario Lanzarotti's early life was a rich tapestry woven from two distinct cultural threads. Born to an Italian father and a German mother, Mario's upbringing was a beautiful amalgamation of two distinct cultures, a unique mosaic of experiences and values. In Germany, he was invariably the Italian kid, embodying the spirited warmth of his father's homeland. Conversely, in Italy, he was the German one, marked by the methodical and disciplined traits of his mother's roots. This constant dance between identities meant Mario often found himself straddling two worlds, belonging fully to neither yet drawing from both. This sense of perpetual in-betweenness, while challenging, gifted Mario with an expansive worldview, instilling in him a blend of German precision and Italian passion.

Leine Palace (Leineschloss), the state parliament building, Hanover, Germany

| The Bellwether |

discipline of his German heritage blended seamlessly with the lively, passionate essence of Italian culture. This environment, where work was not merely a duty but a celebration of life and love, profoundly influenced Mario's perspective. It taught him the invaluable lesson that passion and diligence are not opposing forces but complementary ones, each enhancing the other. This early lesson in balancing contrasting elements became the heartbeat of Mario's approach to life and entrepreneurship, guiding him toward creating a movement that champions balance, fulfillment, and success in equal measure.

The Entrepreneurial Leap

Mario Lanzarotti's path to entrepreneurship was as unconventional as his mixed heritage. His initial fascination with becoming a pilot was kindled by the glamorous portrayal in the movie "Catch Me If You Can," where Frank Abagnale Jr., portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, with suave charm and daring intellect, navigates the skies and the complexities of identity with enviable ease. The allure of this high-flying lifestyle, complete with the thrill of adventure and the prestige of the pilot’s uniform, captivated Mario's imagination, painting a picture of a life filled with excitement and recognition. However, reality soon set in, and the romanticized vision of piloting gave way to a deeper introspection about his true purpose and passion. This quest for self-discovery and a more authentic sense of belonging led Mario to the bustling city of New York, a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and ambitions just before the pandemic gripped the world. New York, with its relentless pace, towering skyscrapers, and streets that buzzed with electric energy, was the perfect backdrop for Mario's entrepreneurial ambitions. It was here, amid the dynamic and somewhat chaotic rhythm of pre-pandemic New York life, where every corner teemed with potential and every encounter could spark a new idea, that

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Mario co-founded a custom shoe brand. This venture was more than a business; it was a leap into uncharted territory, driven by a desire to create something unique and represent the fusion of his cultural heritage and personal values. Mario's challenges during pilot training— questions of identity, belonging, and purpose— were not in vain. They acted as a catalyst, steering him towards the world of personal development and coaching, where he would ultimately find his true calling. This journey from the skies to the streets of New York led to the

sale of his first business venture, Awl & Sundry, which guided him from New York and into the public speaking and coaching arena. He then tapped into the hearts and minds of people seeking guidance and coached thousands of entrepreneurs; as a demonstration of the unpredictable yet rewarding path of entrepreneurship, he now advises multi-six and seven-figure business owners. Mario's story underscores the importance of following one's passion, the power of resilience, and the endless possibilities that await those brave enough to take the leap.

| The Bellwether |

The TEDx Milestone

with audiences worldwide, amassing nearly two million organic views on YouTube. This overwhelming response underscored the global appetite for stories that not only inspire but also offer tangible pathways to transformation. Mario's TEDx milestone is more than a personal achievement; it's an example for others navigating the often tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship and personal growth. It serves as proof that with the right support, guidance, and platform, individual stories of resilience and determination can inspire change and encourage others on their journey. The remarkable reception of his talk highlights the collective yearning for authentic narratives that bridge the gap between personal fulfillment and professional success.

Mario's journey to the TEDx stage highlights the transformative power of community and mentorship. The opportunity to share his unique insights on a global platform stemmed from his involvement with a highly selective organization known for nurturing thought leaders and visionaries. Within this community, Mario's potential was quickly recognized, and he received not just encouragement but a kind of sponsorship that propelled him towards sharing his message with the world. It was within this nurturing environment that Mario, guided by mentors like the late Mark S.A. Smith, began to refine his experiences and philosophies into a coherent narrative. These mentors saw in Mario not only a compelling story of personal and professional growth but also a message with the potential to inspire and empower a global

audience. Their belief in his message's importance was a critical factor in Mario’s decision to apply for a TEDx talk. Wilmington, renowned for its curated selection of speakers who bring forth ideas worth spreading, accepted Mario's proposal. This TEDx acceptance was not just an acknowledgment of his journey's uniqueness but also evidence of the universal appeal of his message. Mario's talk, which probed into the symbiosis between personal development and entrepreneurial success, struck a chord

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The Essence of Zenpreneurship

Mario’s approach within House Aurum showcases the transformative impact of collective support and shared vision. By prioritizing the well-being of the community and fostering an environment where members are encouraged to explore their potential, share their experiences, and support one another, Mario has created a microcosm of Zenpreneurship in action. This community serves as a living example of how businesses and individuals can flourish when they are rooted in values that go beyond profit, emphasizing the importance of contribution, connection, and genuine service. In essence, Zenpreneurship, as embodied by Mario and the principles of House Aurum, offers a blueprint for a new kind of entrepreneurship— one that dares to imagine a world where business success and personal joy are not at odds but are instead facets of a balanced, purpose-driven life. It’s a call to entrepreneurs everywhere to redefine what success means to them and to pursue it in a way that nurtures their spirit, enriches their community, and leaves a lasting positive impact on the world.

Zenpreneurship, as championed by Mario, represents a paradigm shift in the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s a philosophy that marries the dedicated pursuit of success with a deep, unwavering commitment to joy and balance. In a world that often celebrates the ceaseless hustle, Zenpreneurship stands as a powerful counter- narrative, advocating for a holistic approach to business where well-being and profit are not mutually exclusive but are instead seen as complementary facets of true success. At the heart of this philosophy lies the conviction that personal fulfillment and professional achievements are intertwined. Through the adoption of self-mastery, conscious leadership, and a commitment to operating within one's zone of genius, Mario illustrates how entrepreneurs can craft businesses that not only thrive financially but also contribute to their overall quality of life. A pivotal aspect of Mario's journey has been his leadership within House Aurum, a chapter of a highly private, influential, and exclusive organization dedicated to fostering leadership, innovation, and philanthropy among its members. The term "Aurum" itself, derived from the Latin word for gold, symbolizes the pursuit of excellence and the invaluable nature of the wisdom shared within this community. This choice of name reflects the group's aspiration towards not just wealth in the monetary sense but richness in knowledge, relationships, and impact. Within House Aurum, Mario has exemplified an "others-focused" mentality, placing a strong emphasis on community, mentorship, and value- driven service. This ethos aligns with the core tenets of Zenpreneurship, where success is measured not only by personal achievements but also by the positive influence one exerts on their community and the broader world. It's a testament to the belief that the most fulfilling and sustainable path to success uplifts others as we ascend.

A Vision for the Future: Expanding the Boundaries of Success

As Mario gazes into the horizon, his vision for the Zenpreneur movement is bold and transformative. He envisions a future where the definition of success transcends the traditional metrics of profit and growth to encompass personal development, fulfillment, and a tangible positive impact on society. His anticipated book on higher consciousness in business is poised to offer groundbreaking perspectives on how the entrepreneurial journey can be a powerful catalyst for personal and communal transformation. This vision is neither novel nor without precedent; there are compelling examples in the business world that embody the principles Mario advocates for. Consider the approach of companies that integrate mindfulness and well-being into their corporate culture, offering employees resources for mental health,

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