The Bellwether, May1, 2024

Explosive Business Growth Strategies: GANE Ontario

Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with a vision, the development of a great plan, getting the team (both internal and external) on board, and then executing the plan, allowing for flexibility to bend as needed when circumstances and momentum shift.

Plato, Not Prozac! Applying Eternal Wisdom to Everyday Problems From Kirkegaard’s thoughts on coping with death to the I Ching’s guidelines on adapting to change, Plato, Not Prozac! makes philosophy accessible and shows you how to use it to solve your everyday problems.

Entrepreneurship For Leaders: 10 Success Keys To Elevate You To The Next Level What does it actually take to become an entrepreneur? In Entrepreneurship for Leaders , from Indigo River Publishing, ten successful serial entrepreneurs share their perspectives of risk-taking and business building. From crushing fear to creating global impact, this book will give you insights and tools for your journey.

Live Your Life Of Abundance The abundant life is within your grasp—a life overflowing with intentional impact. This highly motivational book will reset your course toward a future with more abundance, both internally and externally.

Tattoos, Not Brands: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Smart Marketing and Business Building Drawing upon research, psychology, and decades of experience, Tattoos, Not Brands: An Entrepreneur ’ s Guide to Smart Marketing and Business Building offers an innovative approach to marketing. It includes simple steps to prepare for success and identify the approach to marketing that will best work for you and your vision.

Startups and Downs This book shares the wisdom of one entrepreneur who successfully disrupted an entire industry but felt as if she was never prepared for what came next. Mona Bijoor has created a guidebook for navigating the process, from pitching with power to coping with competition, with inspiring stories from respected entrepreneurs, , intended to lift up anyone determined to keep pushing forward.

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