The Bellwether January 1, 2024

Here is an example of how the 1% rule works:

Day 3: Prioritize Restful Sleep!! Set aside 15 minutes before your usual bedtime to wind down. Examples: 1. Use this time to read a book 2. Listen to calming music 3. Practice relaxation techniques that promote better sleep. 4. Do 2-3 Restorative yoga poses

The above provides many examples, just focus on ONE that best suits YOU that you can stick with each day. These are simply examples but a great place to start. Imagine if you adopted 7 new small habits week 1 and then spent week 2 solidifying these new small changes…what a great way to set yourself up for success. Embracing one daily habit from above takes approximately 36 minutes per day to vastly improve your overall health and wellness inside and out. The great thing about these habits is that many, you can also share with your kids, spouse, friends to broaden your relationship and share a healthy journey. Remember, the 1% rule is about consistent progress. Embrace the power of daily small steps that add up to significant results over time. As the days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a transformative year, your dedication may yield a remarkable 365% improvement by the end of 2024. Stay motivated and know that you have the ability to make profound changes in your health, fitness, and overall well- being. Let's embrace the 1% rule and create a vibrant and extraordinary 2024!

Week One: Embrace the Power of 1%

Day 1: Nutrition Hacks: Make a small dietary change that supports your fitness goals and then carry that habit throughout the week. Here are some simple examples: Remember…do not choose ALL of these but rather your biggest challenge that will have a “domino effect” on other self-limiting habits 1. Eliminate non-fibrous carbs at all meals outside of pre and post-workout. 2. Stop noshing after 7:00 pm 3. Incorporate a minimum of 4 oz of lean protein at lunch and dinner and always have a protein source at breakfast 4. Keep a mixer bottle with whey protein in your gym bag or car for after workouts to improve those gains…maybe also a banana so you have carbs and protein to repair those muscles 5. Before grabbing a snack, ask if you are hungry

Carry this habit on throughout the week and if life gets in the way, just get back after it!

Day 4: Roll Your Way to Recovery!! Commit to 3-5 minutes of foam rolling before your workouts. This simple yet effective practice helps improve mobility, reduce muscle tension, and prevent injuries. Day 5: Veggies for Vitality!! Add one more serving of veggies to your daily meals. They are packed with essential nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that support overall health and vitality. For example: - Add more veggies to your recipes like stir fry, chili, stews, etc - Add veggies to your morning meal like an omelet or egg scramble - Snack on raw veggies and hummus Day 6: Discover the Power of Stillness!! Set aside just 5 minutes each day for guided meditation. Find a quiet space, focus on your breath, and let go of any stress or tension. Embrace the calm and clarity it brings. Day 7: Nurture Relationships!! Allocate one hour each week solely for connecting with friends. Examples include: 1. Write snail mail letters 2. Make phone calls 3. Send small thoughtful gifts 4. Create short "thinking of you" videos or even voice messages

CHOOSE ONE or customize your hack to your personal habits.

Day 2: Prepare and Conquer!! Spend 5- 10 minutes each night preparing for the next day. Here are some examples: 1. Lay out your workout clothes 2. Have morning supplements ready 3. List priorities for the next day and keep them concise (example: 3 main priorities and 2 others) 4. Set timers for important meetings/tasks. 5. Have meals ready to grab and go 6. Do the dishes or put them in the dishwasher. 7. Clean your space….a cluttered space = a cluttered mind

WHICH of the above would best set you up for success?

Strengthen your bonds and enrich your life.

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